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September 25, 2013 / davidgilmore

Some New Work…..

drawer detail family drawer detail- hope drawer detail- joy drawer detail laughter drawer detail-faith drawer detail-love

Farmhouse Table with Drawers - Alder 96"L x40"W

Farmhouse Table with Drawers – Alder 96″L x40″W

farmhouse table-drawer open

It has been almost two years since my last post on this blog , although I do check in once in a while. Thanks to all those who contact me by email about new work and with compliments about the work posted here. 2012 was a tough year for the one man wood biz so I ended up taking a regular, part-time job in early 2013 to keep things rolling. It’s been a bit of a transition working for a company again after being solo for about 15 years , but the part-time nature of it allows me to keep working on projects as they come along. I have also noticed that it has made my woodshop time that much more enjoyable and allowed me to think about new designs I would like to explore as time allows.

Here are a few of the things I have been chipping away at recently. Hopefully, it won’t be as long until my next post with some more photos of new designs.  As always, I welcome your comments and inquiries on this blog and by email. The wait times for custom projects have lengthened but, if you’re not in a hurry, I’m always interested in new work.

Plum Bowl #1 - Japanese Flowering Plum

Plum Bowl #1 – Japanese Flowering Plum

Plum Bowl #1 -detail

Plum Bowl #1 -detail

Plum Bowl #2 - Japanese Flowering Plum

Plum Bowl #2 – Japanese Flowering Plum

Pacific Vase Selection- Western Maple with dye

Pacific Vase Selection- Western Maple with dye

Thorn Hill Bowl - Wild Cherry

Thorn Hill Bowl – Wild Cherry

Rustic Bowl- Western Red Cedar ~ 18" dia. x2"h

Rustic Bowl- Western Red Cedar ~ 18″ dia. x2″h

Stacked Vase with insert- Spalted Birch 8"x 9"x4"

Stacked Vase with insert- Spalted Birch 8″x 9″x4″

Stacked Vase

November 25, 2011 / davidgilmore

Update and Welcome to new visitors

It struck me that I have not posted an update to my blog in a while even though the projects continue to move through the shop. As always, please email me if you have any questions about these items. If you are visiting this blog for the first time, welcome. Please scroll down to see earlier posts and earlier projects. I am hoping to make the blog a little easier to navigate in the future but I trust this will give you an idea of what I do with my time.

November 25, 2011 / davidgilmore

Recent Projects

Lotus Bowl #13- Figured Western Maple

Textured Bowl – Douglas Fir
Kanaka Bowl- Figured Maple- Live edge
Cheese Boards- Figured Maple
Cheese Board- detail
Coffee table – Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar
Coffee table – Base detail
Square Bowls – Walnut (Textured)
Pacific Vases – Spalted Maple
Laminated Cutting Boards
Block Clocks – Poplar (Textured), Walnut (smooth)
Beam Bowl – Douglas Fir
September 12, 2011 / davidgilmore

Something New on Vancouver Island

Live Edge Bowl – Maple

I am pleased to post that my work is now available at West Coast ECO Home in Sidney, on Vancouver Island, BC. ( ) For those of you who are lucky enough to live on Vancouver Island or if you’re just visiting, take a trip down to 2348 Beacon Avenue in Sidney to see the unique collection of British Columbia woodwork offered by owner Anita Rydygier. From furniture to accents and art pieces, the focus is on sustainable and fresh one of a kind design, in an inviting new space.

March 1, 2011 / davidgilmore

A Barrage of Project Pictures

   I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently sorting through my collection of project pictures. Some of these projects are directly commissioned while other pieces have been sold through galleries which represent my work.
  They are in no particular order, and some of these go back a few years, but I thought I would post them anyway. All of this work is of my own design and construction. As always please feel free to comment or email me directly at with any questions you may have.
Rustic Blanket Box- Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar Blanket box- with aromatic Cedar lining
Window Covering open- Cherry and acrylic
Window Covering closed- Cherry and acrylic
Wall Panel – Maple and Birch
Textured Triangle Bowl – Western Maple
Textured Bowl – Pine
Textured Bowl – Pine
Rustic Bed – Western Red Cedar
Rustic Bed Headboard
Rustic Bed Footboard – Western Red Cedar
Textured Oval Bowl – Western Maple
Large Vase- Red Maple
Grace Bowl #3 – Red Maple
Blanket Box – Reclaimed Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir Blanket Box- Interior with Aromatic Cedar lining
Desk- Cherry and Figured Western Maple
Cherry Sideboard
Radiator Pedestal – Cherry
Eye Mirror- Western Maple
Western Red Cedar Archway
Archway with cherry blossoms
Archway – Western Red Cedar and Black Walnut


Cascade Bowl - Western Maple

Cascade Bowl - Western Maple


November 11, 2010 / davidgilmore

Oh Brothers

This past week I visited the new Oh Brothers store on West Broadway in Vancouver and met with owner Clarisa Niks. Clarisa has put together an outstanding display of Canadian craft  and I am very pleased that my work will be part of it.  It is just the place to find  the unique work of local artisans such as pottery, painting, glassware, jewelry and of course woodwork . Look for a selection of my vases on display with more to come. For store details please see the Oh Brothers website at

September 12, 2010 / davidgilmore

Fern Crescent Bowls

In the spring of 2009 a large Cottonwood tree was taken down in Maple Ridge Park. For days I passed by the massive trunk knowing that it was destined for firewood or a landfill. Those I spoke with said that cottonwood was a poor wood for working and unlikely to yield anything other than frustration, but with permission from the municipality I picked up a couple of large pieces and decided to find out for myself.

What I discovered was a wood of deep yellows and browns with a hardness close to that of Douglas Fir or Hemlock.when dry. The grain was twisted and interlocked and took on a three dimensional appearance in some places when the  finish was applied. In seasoning the wood warped considerably so this would not be my first choice for furniture  but for my uniquely shaped bowls it was perfect.

Fern Crescent Bowl #1 - Cottonwood

Fern Crescent Bowl #2 - Cottonwood

Fern Crescent Bowl #3 - Cottonwood